You found me!

I'm so glad you did.

Let's have amazing times together!​

A little bit a bout me:

I was born and bred in Europe. I have both artistic and scientific education, as well as competitive sport experience. I have various interests and careers that I'll tell you about in person. I can fit the most classy designer clothes at upscale social events, as well as the most technical sport clothes on top of a mountain. Physically, I'm tall (5'10), slim and very fit.

Our date:

Things we could do: opera (I'm obsessed with it), dancing (salsa, tango, swing, zouk...), concerts, golfing, bowling, fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing (my favorite, I have all the gear, just bring shoes and harness), sport/horse/martial arts event (I love mma), martial arts sparring or class (I have gear too), bike ride, flying trapeze, archery (or even mounted archery), beach volleyball, going to a spa, sauna (and freezing tub afterwards), award show, museum, cinema, film festival, car show, art gallery and auction, hiking, swimming, yoga, going to the gym, playing tennis, making music... Or simply some relaxing time alone together. Check all my date ideas here.

I'm looking for a real connection with someone special. And I hope that someone is you!

Check out the patronage details here. When you contact me for our first date, be ready to send me some information about you to help me feel safe about meeting you.

I hope to see you soon!​

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