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When you contact me for the first time to set up a date:
I need to know that I'll be safe meeting you and therefore need some information about you before agreeing to set up a date. Contact me even if you don't know yet when you'd like to meet. Screening might only take a few minutes, but it might also take several days, so in your first email please send me at least one of the following information, so we can set up a date sooner than later. I reserve the right to ask for more than one item on this list if needed to make me feel safe. I'll delete the information after the screening is done:

1) Email me from your work/business email account. The email address has to be linked to a verifiable business. You can send that email to my alternate email address if you prefer (I'll provide it to you).

2) Message me on LinkedIn (link here), provided that you have a profile picture of yourself, that your company or who you work for is listed on your profile, and that you have many connections and legit recommendations.

3) Email addresses of at least two verifiable providers whom you met in person within the past year and who have an online presence. Or your P411 username, if you have at least 2 recent active Okays on your profile.

My P411.

4) Email a picture of yourself holding your photo ID and a paper with today's date and the word "apricot". I need to be able to clearly see your full face and read what's on your ID (no pixelized, cropped or blurry picture please).

5) Send a more substantial deposit than the regular one (with Vanilla Visa e-gift card).

I'm looking forward to hear from you!

semprelibera01 at gmail dot com

Cancellation policy:
The deposit is not refundable. If you cancel at least 48hrs in advance, I'll transfer the deposit to our next date. If you cancel at least 24hrs in advance, I'll transfer only half the deposit to our next date. If you cancel less than 24h in advance, I'll keep the full deposit and won't transfer it to another date.