Opera, Music and Theatre:

As you might have guessed from my name, I loooove Opera and go to the opera theatre! It's an obsession! Don't get me started, I can talk about it for hours! The Metropolitan Opera in NYC, the Los Angeles Opera and the Opéra de Paris in France are my absolute go-to places.
I also love to go to musicals and concerts (classical, jazz, rock, pop...). And there's several rock and pop acts that I'd still want to see!

Lunch or Dinner:

I love sushis, thai food and a good steak house. I don't normally drink alcohol but might have a glass of Champagne, Prosecco, cocktail, vin chaud or hard cider with you if you really want to. I love white tea with honey, coconut water, fruits, nuts (Brazil nuts, pistachios...) and salads are well.

Outdoor activities:
I love outdoor and indoor rock climbing (I have full gear, so all you'd need are climbing shoes (if I don't have your size) and a harness), hiking, horseback riding (I mostly rode in western style and want to know more about English style and jumps), archery and mounted archery, beach volleyball (I have a ball), biking (I have a hybrid bike), fishing, golfing, parkour, ice climbing, mountaineering, cross-country skiing, running (on the road and on or off trails)...

Sports and Physical activities:

I love martial arts: we can do some sparring in a park or on the beach (I have training pads and swords) or take some jiu jitsu or muay thai classes together; bowling, playing tennis, badminton, gymnastics, swimming, yoga, acro-gym, circus (flying trapeze,...), going to the gym...


I love and can dance salsa, tango, zouk, bachata, swing, merengue, hustle, and of course ballet (would you be my Swan Lake prince?)...

Sport events:

Martial arts events, MMA, sport games (tennis, basketball, football, soccer...), horse events, dog agility events...

I'm usually not a big fan of places with a lot of people and noises but I love sports, and if we have VIP tickets that allows us to have space around us and a special access to the venue, I'm game!

Relaxing times:

Going to a spa and get massages, go to the sauna (with the freezing tub afterward), hammam... Or relax together on a secluded beach...


Museums, cinemas, film festivals, awards shows, art galleries and auctions, car shows...


And of course I love traveling... I've already gone many places and still have much more to see!


I'm four-twenty friendly but I don't like smoke, so I only use edibles :-) I usually make my own edibles with the flowers.