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A little bit about me:

I was born, bred and educated in Europe, French is my native language and I also speak some Italian and Dutch. I have both artistic and scientific educations, as well as competitive sport experience. I have a variety of interests, talents, skills, knowledges and careers that I'll tell you about or show you in person. I can fit the most classy designer clothes at upscale social events, as well as the most technical sport clothes on top of a mountain. Physically, I'm tall (5'10/179cm), slim and very fit.

Time is our most precious asset and I would love to share it with someone very special.
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Contact me:

When you contact me to set up our first date, be ready to send me some information about you to help me feel safe and comfortable about meeting you.

Deposit and cancelation:
A deposit is required to set up a date. Make sure to read my cancelation policy here.

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