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I come to you:

Our first date if we meet in public would start at 400 for the first hour and 200/h after if we remain in public. If you'd like our first date to include private time, it would start at 2000 roses. Our first date could include dinner, lunch, tea/coffee or room service, and/or other social activity(ies) such as opera, sport event, dancing (salsa, tango...), being in the outdoors, spa and massage... See all my date ideas here.

Social dates:

We can meet for social dates in public only, such as dinners/lunches/coffees, opera, sport events, dancing (salsa, tango, swing...), golfing, going to a spa, rock climbing (my favorite, I have all the gear), going to the gym, martial arts events (I love mma), martial arts sparring (I have gear), flying trapeze, bowling, concerts, fishing, horseback riding, horse competitions, art galleries, biking, hiking,... Ask me for details.
Check my date ideas here.

Come to me:

Our first date if we're meeting in public in my area (for lunch, tea/coffee, or other social activity) would start at 300 for the first hour and 200/h after if we remain in public. If we're meeting in private, our first date would start at 1000 roses. In Los Angeles: I can sometimes host in the city (and will have a permanent place there soon), so subscribe to my email list to know when I do. In NYC: Subscribe to my email list to know when I'm in NYC next, or jut fly me to you :-) In the mountains north of Los Angeles: I currently have a gorgeous place about 1h20-30 from downtown Los Angeles. It has amazing mountain views, hot tub and sauna, and many cool outdoor activities such as golfing, hiking (I know some secluded spots where nobody can see us...), fishing, horseback riding, swimming pool, crosscountry skiing (yes we have snow here in the winter), tennis, archery and mounted archery, biking, beach volleyball, stargazing... And it also has restaurants and cafés. Perfect for a fun getaway from the city! Bring your swimsuit, bike, golf clubs, fishing gear and other outdoors gear, and let's have an amazing day or weekend together!

Last minute and late night date:

Last minute and late night dates aren't always possible. If we have never met and you would like to meet me the same day or on or after 10pm, please add 500 roses.

Long term, regular and monthly arrangements:
I would love to see each other regularly, so after out first date, we can make a mutually beneficial arrangement.


For our first sleepover I need my own bedroom that I can lock from inside. I might not actually use that extra bedroom, but I want to have the option. And I generally need 7-8hrs of uninterrupted sleep. For multiple days encounters and travels, I also need about 2hrs a day for personal time. Thank you :-)


A 1000 deposit is required to confirm our first date, or 20% for a date longer than 12hrs, or full donation for social dates. I reserve the right to ask for a higher deposit on a case-to-case basis.
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Deposit is not refundable if you're the one cancelling our date. If you cancel at least 48hrs in advance, I'll transfer the deposit to our next date. If you cancel at least 24hrs in advance, I'll transfer half the deposit to our next date and keep the rest. If you cancel less than 24h in advance, I'll keep the full deposit and won't transfer to another date.