Regular dating:

3 x 2h date: 6000

3 x 4h date: 9000

3 x 6h date: 12000

8 x 2h date: 12000

8 x 3h date: 16000

8 x 5h date: 24000

Ask me about other date durations or monthly arrangements. To be paid in full upfront.

Occasional dating:

1 week/72h: 30000/20000

48h/24h: 15000/10000

16h/12h: 8000/7000

9h/7h: 6000/5000

5h/3h: 4000/3000

2h/1.5h/1h: 2500/2000/1500

An ideal first date would be minimum 3-4h including dinner or lunch and/or other social activity(ies). I love opera, sports, the outdoors, dancing, spas... See all my date ideas here. I might be open to meet for a shorter date if available. See below for details about last minute booking, deposit and cancelation.

Virtual dates and arrangements:

To either break the ice before meeting in person for the first time, keep the connection in between dates, or if we can't meet in person, we can have virtual arrangements (screening still applies):

Phone calls: 200/15min / 300/30min / 500/1h.

We could also do video calls, texting/emailing arrangements, and I could send you personalized pictures, videos, voice recordings and music (my face will never be shown in pictures and videos). Ask me about it.



1h: 1000 / 1.5h: 1400 / 2h: 1800

3h: 2200 / 5h: 3000 / 8h: 4200

14h: 6000 / 24h: 8000

72h: 16000 / 1 week: 24000

We can make a regular or monthly arrangement after our first date.

I sometimes have an incall in the city (and probably will have a permanent one soon). Email me or subscribe to my mailing list to know when I do. Otherwise, I'm currently located in a gorgeous place about 1h20-30 from downtown Los Angeles with amazing mountain views, hot tub and sauna, and many cool outdoors activities (swimming pool, golfing, horseback riding, tennis, fishing, archery, hiking, biking, beach volleyball...) and restaurants. Perfect for a fun getaway from the city!

Social dates:

We can also meet for social dates in public only, such as dinners/lunches/coffees, opera, sport events, dancing (salsa, tango, swing...), golfing, going to a spa, rock climbing (my favorite, I have all the gear), going to the gym, martial arts events (I love mma), martial arts sparring (I have gear), flying trapeze, fishing, horseback riding, mounted archery, concerts, biking, hiking, horse competitions, museums, cinema, art galleries,... Ask me for details. Check my date ideas here.

Last minute booking:

Surcharge to be be paid in advance. Non refundable or transferable in case of last minute cancelation. To not waste time, send me your screening information in your first email.

Less than 12hrs notice:

If we never met and it's your first time contacting me: +1000.

If we never met but already had a phone session and/or you've already been thoroughly screened and/or you've already sent a deposit: +500.

Less than 24hrs notice:

If we never met and it's your first time contacting me: +500.


A 1000$ deposit (or 20% deposit for dates longer than 7hrs) is required to confirm our date. I reserve the right to ask for a higher deposit on a case-to-case basis.

Cancellation policy:

Deposit is not refundable if you're the one cancelling our date. If you cancel at least 48hrs in advance, I'll transfer the deposit to our next date. If you cancel at least 24hrs in advance, I'll transfer half the deposit to our next date. If you cancel less than 24h in advance, I'll keep the full deposit and won't transfer to another date.


For dates and trips that include one or more sleepovers, I require my own bedroom (that I can lock from inside), preferably my own bathroom, and 7-8hrs of uninterrupted sleep. For multiple days encounters and travels, I also require about 2hrs a day for personal time. Thank you :-)